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What does this tool do?

This tool calculates the potential returns on an investment in reference interest rate. It takes into account the initial investment amount, the percentage of the CDI rate offered, the current interest rate, and the applicable tax rate based on the investment duration.

Keywords Explained

  • Interest rate: It is a reference interest rate used in country's financial market for inter-bank loans.
  • Percentage: If your investment offers a percentage from the reference interest rate. Do not include the % sign.
  • Gross Result: The return on investment before taxes are applied.
  • Net Result: The return on investment after taxes are deducted.

Practical Purposes

This tool can be used by investors to:

  • Estimate potential returns on investments that follow your country's reference interest rate.
  • Compare different investment scenarios by adjusting the input values.
  • Understand the impact of taxes on their investment returns.

How to Use the Tool

  1. Enter the Initial Investment amount (e.g., 10000).
  2. Enter the Percentage of the reference interest rate offered (e.g., 120).
  3. The current brazilian CDI rate will be automatically populated based on the latest data.
  4. Select the Time for Investment from the dropdown menu (e.g., 'From 181 to 360 days of investment') for a sample brazilian tax or input your own ('Applicable Tax' field).
  5. The Applicable Tax rate will be automatically calculated based on the selected investment duration.
  6. Click the 'Calculate now!' button to see the results.

General Advice and Limitations

  • Avoid using negative numbers for the Initial Investment and Percentage fields.
  • The tool assumes a fixed CDI rate and tax rates based on predefined ranges. Actual rates may vary.
  • The calculated returns are estimates and do not guarantee future performance.
  • Always consider your individual financial situation and risk tolerance before making investment decisions.

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