How Much Can You Earn From 60000 At 100 Of The Reference Interest Rate?

How much can you earn from $60000 at 100% of the reference interest rate?

With $60000 in your hands, what would you do?

Investing $60000 at 100% of the reference interest rate can be an interesting choice for those who seek safety and profitabily.

Here are the steps that we use to calculate your earnings:

Calculating your actual earning interest rate

Considering that the reference interest tax is:


Your actual earning interest rate is equal to:

% X 100%

Which equals to:


Calculating your monthly earnings

To calculate the monthly earnings you will need to take your investment and multiply by the actual interest rate.

The result is your annual earning:


Your monthly earnings result is your annual earning divided by 12:


So this is how we calculate what $60000 at 100% of the reference interest rate would earn you. That does not considere taxes or other fees your bank may charge you.

If your investment is subject to taxes, use the calculator below to estimate your net income. The result will be presented a

Result of the calculation
Gross Result per Month:
Result After Taxes per Month:

How to Use the Tool

  1. Enter the Initial Investment amount (e.g., 10000).
  2. Enter the Percentage of the reference interest rate offered (e.g., 120).
  3. The current brazilian CDI rate will be automatically populated based on the latest data.
  4. Select the Time for Investment from the dropdown menu (e.g., 'From 181 to 360 days of investment') for a sample brazilian tax or input your own ('Applicable Tax' field).
  5. The Applicable Tax rate will be automatically calculated based on the selected investment duration.
  6. Click the 'Calculate now!' button to see the results.

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